When we move from one place to another we always feel like we are leaving home to start over. Each time, the new location becomes home to us and the old locations become our former homes. So home is not a geographical location; rather, home is the place where your heart belongs.

Home is not defined by our wishes or desires. Home is defined as that place where you feel most loved and most comfortable. We need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek the will of God and ask Jesus to tell us where our home should be. It will most likely be where you are now for He may have a work for you to do where you are. Pray for the strength to follow Him in spite of the opposition of Satan as he works through your neighbors and coworkers to stifle your testimony.

It may be far away and you may need to trust in the grace of God to put you where He needs you. Pray for wisdom and discernment as you see His will for your life.

Ultimately, home is where God places you. Hear His voice and follow it to love, joy and peace.