Happiness is an emotion that you can cultivate no matter what your life condition is. Our emotions are not controlled by others but by our response to others and our emotions are subject to our minds. No one can make you unhappy if you are determined to be happy and you can do this if you are fully surrendered to Jesus. All joy and peace and happiness comes from a close relationship with the Lord.

People who are unhappy have no idea that happiness is an attitude that they create in their own mind. They do not realize just how difficult their attitude makes life for those around them and even worse, they have no idea that they can change their attitude. Yes, Jesus can repair any attitude or emotion, He can fix any relationship, just go to Him with humility, repent of your sins and accept Him into your heart.

You can be filled with happiness in the worst of circumstances. Never let others decide your happiness. Give your life to the Lord and let Him be King of your life, the arbiter of your relationships.