Final preparations are in full swing for our upcoming trip to Kentucky. Knowing that we are rightly dividing the word of God for our lives does little to ease the uncertainty of our journey. While we trust the Lord to have us in the palm of His Hand, we do not always trust or own judgment about the details. It may be due to our own inability to multitask that we sometimes try to limit the scope of God’s ability.

We know that we will be in Eastern Kentucky safely living in a new home doing the will and the work of the Lord. We know this because we have an awesome God. It is true that ‘the devil is in the details’. Satan tries to remove us from God’s will in the details, in the small steps where we feel we can use our own strength and not rely on God. It is here in the ‘what to pack’ and ‘what to leave’ and ‘when to leave’ that Satan can find a small foothold. So every day we need to surrender to God, every day we need to admit our weakness and every day we need to pray for God to overcome our fears and worries.