As I sit here with my morning coffee looking out of the window where we live now, I am astounded by all the wonders of God. How He led Linda and I to each other, how He led us to CAP and this new home and, most of all, how He sent His Son, Jesus to take the cup of wrath intended for me so that I could share in the love of God.

The triune God so loved me that He made the perfect plan to save my soul and God the Father so loved the Son that He sent Him to die for me and God the Son so loved the Father that He obeyed without question and thus saved all who believe in Him.

Yesterday we celebrated the beginning of the salvation process when Jesus took the cup of wrath. We agonized with Him as He prayed for the Father to provide another way and wept with Him at the realization that God’s way was the only way.

Today we contemplate the tomb and how Jesus died for us and begin to look to tomorrow. Our joy starts to resonate within our hearts and our minds begin to focus on the reality of salvation, looking forward to celebrating the resurrection.