Yesterday at around lunchtime I lost my phone service. It happened around the time that I drove away from Linda and back to the house. Her community service with CAP started yesterday and goes for the next couple of weeks. My service starts April 20th. As of this morning I still don’t have service.

What an odd feeling, to be totally disconnected from the electronic world and alone. I have been one or the other but not both in a very long time. I read parts of 1 John, James and Isaiah. I prayed and I meditated. No catching up on Facebook, no Emails, no messages. Just God and I having a conversation.

For me, conversations with God start with gratitude, work through contrition and end in joy and praise. As a fallen sinner, I sin every day and fall short of the glory of God. As a redeemed sinner, I am forgiven every day for the sins that I commit. As a follower of, and believer in Jesus as the Son of God, I work hard every day to worthy of the Love of God, knowing full well that His love cannot be earned. Still, I work to show Him my love, just as Jesus died to show us His love.