The mists seem to cover the earth, hiding the glory of the hills and the rays of the sun. Today starts in a physical shroud that seems to hide the splendor of God’s creation. Ah, but is the mist not also a part of God’s creation? Maybe the mist provides a time of reflection as it slowly unveils what was there all of the time.

God does that sometimes. He shows us glimpses of what is and tantalizing peeks at what can be if we follow Him. But all too often we grow weary of waiting for the fog to lift and plow on ahead of God. That seems to be when we run into barriers, fall off of cliffs and generally mess up. Then we cry out to God and if we listen closely we will hear Him ask ‘why didn’t you wait on Me?’

God has a plan for each of us. Sometimes it is full of action and sometimes it is full of uncertainty and waiting in the mist. Don’t despair if you are in the mist for God is there with you. Be patient. Remember God loves and desires only the best for you… if you follow Him.