As I was cleaning vines off of the fence at the house we now rent I got entangled with either poison ivy, oak or sumac. Since I wasn’t paying attention I’m not sure which, I just know that I have a slightly uncomfortable, itchy rash on both arms. One lesson here is to look at what you are handling before you start to avoid unpleasant consequences. But for me the more important lesson was that we need to pay attention to the warning rashes that come. You see, the rash let me know that my idea of burning the vines was a bad one and led me to a much better disposal system.

God does the same type of thing for me. When I have strayed from His plans for me (mostly due to inattention but sometimes due to willful disobedience), I get a slightly uncomfortable feeling in my soul. There are warning signs, small voices that need to be heeded. If I ignore them I wind up with much larger issues to be resolved, similar to burning poisonous vines and perhaps creating a much worse situation for myself and others.