When the sun rises and clarity comes to the landscape, the trees and leaves put back on the mantel of beauty that the darkness stripped off. Shades of color become visible and the world takes on a new reality. A reality filled with nuances that are not visible in the darkness. One can now see things that would have tripped and impeded before the light of the sun made them visible.

We look for the sunrise and the light. Without the sunlight we would have to live and work in artificial light, a light of our own making, somehow not as satisfying as sunlight. We would have to use generated light that could not possibly illuminate as completely as the sun does.

The world is going through the same thing spiritually. Jesus, the Son of God came, died and rose, bringing clarity and Truth to the world by defeating Satan. His light shines so the world can see and yet the world sees not. The world tries to make its own light to dispel Satan’s darkness and fails. The only Light that heals, the only light that saves, the only light that brings truth and hope is the light of Jesus.