As I begin my year of service at Christian Appalachian Project, I reflect on the events that brought me here for a second time. My new found faith in Jesus brought me here the first time believing that I owed Him my life as He became my salvation. This time is different.

First, let me say that all who have been saved owe a debt to the Lord that can never be repaid. Service to others is one way to show our appreciation and love for what Jesus did for us. However, we are to serve others every day of our lives; wherever we are and all of our relationships.

What Linda and I are doing now comes from the realization that we are truly blessed of the Lord. We need not work to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves or have shelter. So, if we need not work for ourselves, then what do we do with our time? Enjoy the blessings hat God has given us for ourselves or pass those blessings on to others who need them more than we do? If we keep the blessings for ourselves, we will block the flow of blessings that God wants to pass through us to others. So we serve and in serving we pass our blessings on and God continues to bless us.