This morning the power at the house went off for about 2 minutes, a quick reminder of how dependent we are on electricity. The sudden darkness and inability to see what was needed to continue was disorienting. When the lights came back on I felt a sense of relief that my little world could once again see.

Then I remembered the stumbling and disoriented feeling that I had before God drew me to Him and the light of Jesus. That must be how all of those who do not know of the gospel of Jesus must feel. What a horrible thought, there are people without the Light, who have never had the Light, who do not even know that the Light exists.

Then there are those who have heard of the Light but reject that the Light even exists. They are comfortable in their darkness, not knowing the Truth, letting fear or pride blind their soul to the Truth.

Followers of Jesus, there is much work to be done, many souls need to hear the gospel. Bring the Truth and Light with you this morning. Speak of Jesus, show Jesus. There are so many lost, help them.