This morning I woke up to the idyllic chirping of the birds in the trees that surround our yard. What a pleasant way to begin a new day, cuddled with Linda, surrounded by God’s love. I’m up now drinking my morning coffee, Linda is still in the bedroom recovering from her volunteer efforts last week and the birds are chirping away from my ears where I can no longer hear them. Am I lonely? Of course not because I am still surrounded by God’s love. Even if I was back in one of the dark places in my life, I would not be afraid because I have learned that God is always there to comfort me and bless me in so many ways.

If you do not know of the peace of the Lord, let me tell you that God is always there, always beside you, ready to take your burdens, ready to shower you with blessings. Jesus stands before your heart knocking, waiting for your surrender to Him. As when Lazarus died and Jesus wept, so He weeps for you, He prays for your salvation. I pray for your salvation and Linda prays for your salvation. It is our fervent desire that you too know Jesus and walk with Him into eternity.