Yesterday the Christian Appalachian Project celebrated the national day of prayer by meeting in fellowship, praying together, breaking bread together and worshipping the Lord together openly without fear of retribution. What a wonder it is that we live in a nation where this can be done. Be proud of our freedoms, pray that the Lord will continue to bless us and pray that we will continue to mature as people of faith.

Followers of many denominations came to the Foley Mission Center to be in the presence of the Lord together. Employees and volunteers gathered to worship Almighty God, pray for our nation, Appalachia, the poor, the sick and the hurting and show each other the love of Christ that they show to the people of the region. This awesome organization knows the Lord, loves the Lord and does the Lord’s work here on earth. Pray that this organization, all the others like it all over the world, their employees and volunteers will continue to know and do the will of God.

It is not by our words that we are known as followers of Jesus and it is not by our appearance that we are known. We are known by our love of each other and the world as shown by our actions.