Lord, be with us today as You are every day. Make Your presence known and help us to glorify You. As we move through the day give us patience to bear the trials that will come, give us the insight to know how to react in your Name to the needs of others.

Lord, when others need to share, make us good listeners, help us to be open and caring and loving even when this is difficult. Help us to understand that the concerns of others should be our concerns, that the hurts of others should be our hurts and that sometimes what is needed is a compassionate ear and not a voice.

Lord, when You see others in need show us that need and lead us to the solution. Give us the knowledge that will help others. Lead us to those who need help and lead us to those who need You. Give us the courage, the strength and the wisdom to speak Your word and spread Your gospel to those who need it. Amen