Which person that God sends to be a blessing for you will you miss today? Don’t be so busy trying to be a blessing to others that you miss the blessings others have for you. We can all get so involved in our mission that we forget that there are others who have their missions as well. In fact, their calling may be to be a blessing to us. Accept the gifts of others, pause to savor their kinship through Christ.

What wonder that God has wrought will you miss today? Don’t be so busy doing that seeing and feeling the wonder of God’s creation passes you by. God created the world and gave man dominion over it. We have been ignoring what God has given us as ours ever since. His creation is a beautiful and wondrous place. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the world because you want more. Don’t be greedy, accept God’s gift, marvel at the sunrise, stop and look at the colors and be refreshed by the unending variety of sights and sounds that you encounter.

Today, and each day God gives you, seek to bless others and accept the blessings of others and watch for God’s hand in all that you experience.