We all know people who never seem to complain or argue. Surely God can’t expect us to be like that. Sure we are expected to serve others and be a good example of Christian charity. We are to help our fellow man and speak the message of redemption. But, there are times and circumstances when the sheer weight of what needs to be done becomes too heavy to bear and we cry out for relief.

Then is when we need to cry to the Lord. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to bring our pain to Jesus so that He can intercede in our hearts and minds to give us the peace and tranquility that comes from God. Only then can we show the love of Christ to a corrupt and sinful world.

If our thoughts are buried in the Word of God, if our hearts are ruled by the love of Jesus and if our souls are filled with the Holy Spirit then we are ready to go forth into a corrupt and sinful world and proclaim the gospel with love.

Philippians 2:15-16: …You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky, as you offer them the message of life…