In the Arizona desert the sun appears suddenly. There is very little time when the darkness fights to retain control. The light of day dispels the darkness of night with apparent ease and the world becomes filled with sunshine. So filled in fact that the heat becomes difficult to bear in the middle of the day. Then when night comes the darkness returns the favor and the sun disappears suddenly and night falls quickly.

Here in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky the sun announces its arrival well before it actually appears. The darkness fights mightily to retain control and yet the sun wins here as well. The world becomes filled with light, a softer light than in the desert. It is filtered through the trees and sometimes obscured by the clouds but it still heats the day, only not as forcefully. Then when night comes the sun gives away gradually letting the darkness take over slowly.

Both climates were created by God, both places are on the same planet and both places sustain life, each very differently. So it is with Christians, each has been redeemed by God, each has a purpose and each is uniquely made. Rejoice in this diversity and praise God, the Father, Creator of all things great and small.