I have never been very good at being calm in the face of pain and suffering. I tend to shy away from seeing or being involved with people in pain. So why, I wonder, did God see fit to place Linda, who has continuing health issues, and myself who has my own obvious issues together in a close and loving relationship?

Some observations: My spirit has been uplifted watching how graciously she has dealt with her problems. People have been encouraged as they watch Linda walk in the Lord’s grace and love. And yet this latest problem of a broken shoulder has tested her faith, made her ask why, left her in tears in the middle of the night and kept us awake and wondering.

And yet: In the morning Linda is once again full of faith and love. She prays to rejuvenate her spirit and once again God is faithful to give her peace through her pain. My role in all of this to just be there for her, to listen, to hug, to love and to keep the house going as her shoulder and her spirit heal.

The Lord always has a plan for us. He can take our weakness and use it to His glory. He can take two different people and make them one, one in heart, one in spirit and one in faith.