We consider ourselves to be a modern, Christian, cultured society, a society where the enlightened can see and help the unenlightened to see the truth. And yet, we allow human sacrifice to exist right in our own neighborhoods. How many of us cry out to the Lord in fear for our nation, how many of us cry out to our nation in outrage and how many of us just turn a blind eye to the truth? The truth that human sacrifice is being practiced every day and, in fact, is a lawful practice in our nation.

Abortion is nothing more than human sacrifice, the sacrifice of another human life so that we may continue with our lives untouched by reality. Untouched by the reality that sin has consequences. Your body you say, take better care of it and respect yourself more. An accident in a marriage you say, there are no accidental pregnancies…they are all planned by God. A rape you say, God does not promise a life free of tragedy, it is how you react that He cares about. The taking of one life to better another life is not acceptable. Every human being deserves our utmost respect and love, even the unborn.