When we know that visitors are coming our natural reaction is to worry about what others will think about how we live and what we do in our home. Even when our circumstances are not the best and our bodies are hurting we try to hide our problems. This is not what God wants us to do. Our home should be an open oasis for all to come and be refreshed.

When we open our homes, we should open our hearts, we should share all of what we have and all of what and who we are with friends. Honesty and openness will nurture the love that all Christians are to show one another. When you are open to others and willing to put your heart in harm’s way for the glory of God your reward will be much more than the pain of rejection or ridicule.

Notice that the word ‘when’ was used and not the word ‘if’. Opening ourselves and our homes to others is not a choice that we make for ourselves. This is a part of God’s commandment to ‘love others as you love yourself’. So open up and let God and His people in.