There are things that you know with your head, there are things that you know with your heart and there are things that you know deep in your soul.

Those things that you know in your head have been learned from others, the world and sometimes Satan. They may be true and they may be false because all you have is empirical date that is valid by observation, and as more and more data is collected the truth may, in fact, change.

The heart knowledge comes from your emotions and emotions, although very powerful, are not to be trusted. Your feelings although very strong are influenced by your friends, you enemies, the time of day, the weather and almost anything.

The things that you know or understand or feel in your soul are the things that will never change, that are eternal and that show you the way. We all are born with a yearning in our soul, a need that we will try all of our lives to fill. That yearning is a driving need to know God, to know the love of Jesus and to have our soul filled with the Holy Spirit. Come, surrender to Jesus, give Him your burdens and turn your yearning into peace.