Since most of our projects are outside of the participant’s home we serve improving their access to their homes, the weather is of a great deal of interest. There is very little that stops us from working so our interest is mainly in what we wear. Being unprepared for the weather can make for an even more miserable day than if we are prepared.

Wearing weather appropriate attire is almost as important as bringing the proper tools to a jobsite. Our daily walk with Jesus is not so different from our projects. We must come prepared daily to the spiritual battlefield that we call life. There is an epic battle raging for each human soul and if you are not prepared your soul may be forfeit to Satan.

Salvation is just the first step in your journey to heaven. The next step is to prepare yourself for battle. Learn to lean on Jesus every time Satan raises unholy thoughts and temptations. Learning begins in the church and continues in the home. Be a part of a bible believing church, read the Holy Word, study with fellow Christians. Above all, pray and when you are done praying, pray some more. God is always listening for the prayers of His children.