The mist is heavy this morning. It sure looks beautiful to me even though it hides the other side of our little valley. As it gradually clears, we will see a different beauty as the mountains begin to peek through and the sun burns off the last vestiges of the mist. Yes, God is here, showing us His creation piece by piece.

Some will look briefly at the mist and think this means another hot and humid day, some will look at the mist and feel apprehensive, fearful of what hides there and some will see the mist as a nuisance as they speed through their lives always hurrying to accumulate more. They will miss seeing God.

Take the time to seek God, look for Him everywhere you go, search diligently signs of the Lord for they are everywhere. In these mountains His signs are visible to me everywhere. When we lived near the ocean, His signs were there, in the peanut country of south Alabama, His signs were there and they are right in front of you now.

If you will but open your heart to God, He will show you riches beyond your imagining, He will grant you peace and joy beyond your understanding. Look around and know that there is a God and that His Son Jesus is waiting for you to acknowledge Him as your Savior.