Life abounds in these mountains, lush vegetation springs from the earth in great abundance. Even where man has cut through the mountains to place his roads, the trees and bushes appear to grow from the very rock that is exposed.

Up every hollow, in every valley and along every stream there are families that have deep roots in these mountains. And even though life has been tough for them, they persevere. Their roots are deep in these mountains, their identity is bound up in their family and Jesus, and their family is bound to this land. So they stay and they work at what is available, they make do and they love the Lord.

God calls to His people and they come. A few men and women come to help, come show the love of Jesus, come to let the people here know that they are not forgotten, that these mountains that protect them do not isolate them.

We came, we helped and we came again and again and again and then we realized that we were being called to stay. If you will listen you will hear God calling you and if you respond fully, completely devoting yourself to His call, your reward will be great… please respond.