Every morning when I wake I am awed by your presence Lord. The air I breathe, the sights set before me, the friends I have, the path I take, my family, they all come from You. How else can I be but in awe of you for you give these things to all freely, not only these things but your only begotten Son as well.

All mankind should be thankful for your mercy Lord. For all of your gifts of life are given to the just and the unjust, the good and the evil equally. On this earth we are all given the same opportunities to see you, all sinners great and small, receive the same call, know the same God and choose to believe or not believe as their own inclination leads them.

Knowing what the world would do, Lord, You sent your Son Jesus to become a man and live among us, show us the way and die for us on Calvary’s Cross. Knowing what would happen, You, Jesus, gave up the heavenly realm to become a man, suffer all of our anguish and pain, be rejected by us and die on Calvary’s Cross to free us from eternal sin and damnation.

Thank you seems inadequate. It is. Thank you, let me follow You, let me be Your hands and feet. Let me continue what You started Jesus. Let me, Lord let me. Amen