This morning at 2:30 AM I woke to the sound of my phone issuing a flash flood alert for the area we are in today. What a wonderful tool smartphones are. They can, like last night, warn us of possible danger, give us directions to locations, tell what is in our area, take, store and send pictures for us and many others useful things I am probably not even aware of. Oh, and yes, they also can be used as telephones.

Like all things in this world, the more functions an invention has the more opportunities for evil as well as good exist. Without some type of moral compass, man will always turn that which can be used for good into a tool for evil. Virtue is a word seldom used today and virtuous is an adjective that cannot be used to describe many people in our society, especially those in power or seeking power.

It is time for this to change. Instead of depending on the appearance of a politician or his views of the world we should look at his character, a moral man will more apt to make sound moral decisions than an immoral man. When standards of conduct do not have a solid foundation, then they are useless and misleading.