We spread diatomaceous earth on our lawn in the hope that it would eliminate the flea problem that we were having and it did. And then the rains came and gradually washed the earth away so we have to periodically reapply the treatment for it to continue to be effective. We also use a topical flea treatment on our cat that has to be reapplied monthly. Fleas are persistent little bugs.

Battling satan is like fighting the fleas. We go to an amazing event, like a revival or a mission trip. We hear a sermon that moves our soul or a song that lifts us closer to God. We read a passage in the Bible that excites us. And then the rain comes. The steady relentless onslaught of the world, the quiet whispering of satan that what you see and what you hear are not that bad. Just a little evil and sin is all right. After all isn’t God a forgiving God. No need to repent, Jesus already knew what you were going to do.

When this begins to happen, it is time to reapply the cure, get back into the Bible, surround ourselves with godly people, attend church. Better yet, keep the cure with you at all times and eliminate the itching that is all that the world offers.