Last night our neighbors set off a fireworks show that was loud and beautiful and a total surprise to us. We went outside and watched for a little while and then came back in and went to bed. We enjoyed the brief display as a fun thing to watch and wondered about the legality of the display.

This family started the celebration of our nation’s birth about three hours early with exuberance, pride and a sense of patriotism. Today we can all look at where we live, enjoy the freedoms that we still have and remember those brave men who fought for our great nation. They went to war to protect our liberty, our freedom from persecution and our right to worship as we choose and follow the dictates of our God.

Now the fight for our rights is at home, within the very framework of our government. There are those who strive to eliminate the rights of Christians everywhere, who try to dictate our choices, who want to tell us how to use our property, how to follow our Lord and how to raise our children. Can we do any less than our forefathers did?

Love everyone and follow Jesus, do what He would do and stand for God against evil and tyranny.