We fill out forms to start any new venture that involves any type of organization and there is one piece of information that they all want. Our emergency contact. We usually give the person to whom we are the most emotionally attached, our spouse, parents, children, siblings. The very people who would be the most adversely affected if something were to happen to us. Of course, they are also the people most apt to want to help us in our time of need or help our families to weather the loss if we were to pass on.

Our emergency contact. Instead of thinking about who others should contact in case trouble, let’s think about who we should contact for ourselves in case of trouble. Family? Perhaps. Our pastor? Maybe. Closest friend? Possibly. The first thing that we need to do during and emergency is contact the one person who already knows what is happening and can best guide us through our coming trials. Jesus should be your emergency contact. He will help you and guide you through the morass of emotions, physical needs and spiritual troubles that will arise in you and others. If you are anchored to the Rock of Christ then you can be a rock for the hurting around you.