High winds and torrential rains exacted their toll on parts of Eastern Kentucky last night. We are safe, comfortable and dry where we are but will not know what is in the area until we venture out in the daylight to go to our jobsites. Weather here is a capricious thing, fronts come through and disrupt lives here regularly.

Waiting for daylight to see what the world has wrought is common in areas subject to strong weather patterns. It gives the local people a reason to seek for and find a stronghold where the world’s troubles can’t intrude, where all is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Such a stronghold is Jesus. Even when your life is being tossed about by people and events beyond your control, even when nature comes and destroys your shelter and comfort, even when you doubt your own thoughts and motives, even then Jesus is unchanged in His love for you, His desire to help you. Even if you stray from Him, walk off of God’s path for your life and seek the pleasures of the He still loves you.

His refuge is always there, always ready to comfort and protect you. When the storms are raging all about you seek the Lord Jesus and all will be well.