Statements from the weather services give us time to prepare for possible trouble, but only when we hear them. If we are not tuned into a media outlet or within range of sounding devices we are unaware of the danger until it is upon us. Then we can be woefully unprepared for what happens.

The same is true of our spiritual lives and our eternal souls. If we go through life unplugged from the media that gives us spiritual warnings of the dangers that lie all around us we will be unprepared when satan calls, when troubles intrude.

Preparedness is emphasized in the disaster relief community in an effort to plug people into the warning networks and get them ready to survive when a disaster occurs. Preparedness is also emphasized in the church communities around the world. The message is simple just as the Gospel is simple. It is in the execution of the plan that we often fall short. We become comfortable in our lives and stop reading the Bible, complacency keeps us from church and our faith friends and we gradually stop hearing the warnings when danger is near. Stay focused on Jesus, be vigilant and be prepared for the troubles that will come.