The number of times we have heard people praise the Lord and thank Jesus for their physical salvation during the worst of the flooding is amazing. They are thankful for their survival, for the survival of their friends and family and saddened by the loss of the lives of those who did not survive.

Most were surprised by the ferocity and destructive power of the water. They had no idea that this flood was even possible where they lived and were totally unprepared for the event itself and the devastation that came after. Proper preparations before a disaster can help lessen the impact, improve the odds of survival and make recovery easier.

So why don’t more people prepare? The short answer is that they do not believe that it will happen to them, they are in an area where there has never been flooding or tornados or any other type of natural disaster. Well surprise, surprise. Disasters can happen anywhere at any time.

Being ready only makes sense. Just like you should be prepared for attacks on your physical wellbeing, you should be in a state of perpetual preparedness for attacks on your spiritual wellbeing. A well rounded Christian prepares for all of life. We are both physical and spiritual beings. Care for both by being prepared.