Have you heard the expression “I love the Lord as much as the next man, but let’s not get carried away.”? After all that the Lord has done for you, after all the little miracles (sometimes called coincidences), after all of the love that God shows you, you had better love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and body. To do any less would be disrespectful.

Why would you base your actions on the opinions of others and not on the will of the Lord? Jesus is the only Way to the Father and His is the only voice that counts. When He was on this earth He gave us the path to the Father and when He left He sent us the Holy Spirit to be our guide. Any other guide is false and any opinion that lets us get away with less than full immersion in the love of the Lord is false teaching.

When you are doing the will of the Lord, when you are expressing your excitement over Jesus and salvation, expect the world to oppose you. Be ready to face the mockery of even fellow Christians who are lukewarm at best. Lifetime Christians can be the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth.