Thinking this morning about patience and perseverance… there will be much in your life over which you have very little control. How you respond the things that upset you is about the only thing you can control. If you allow things of the world to take charge of your emotions, if you allow others to upset you or circumstances to depress you look outside of yourself to the Lord and look inside of yourself to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus sits at the right hand of God interceding for His children and assuring you of salvation. Nothing on this earth can take that away. When troubles assail you, when your spirit flags and you feel like all is against you, remember that Jesus is with you and with Him all things are possible and all things are bearable.

The Holy Spirit has been placed in your heart to lead you and to guide you into all righteousness. When you become discouraged with the world do not look to the world for help, pray to God and seek counsel from the Holy Spirit Who resides within. The strength you need is of the Lord, it is God Who will give you the ability to overcome. All power and righteousness and perseverance comes from the Lord.