The power and the might of the triune God is far beyond anything that we have ever seen and beyond anything we can possibly imagine. The awesomeness of the Creator of the universe and all that is in it is beyond comprehension. We cannot even begin to know the even the tiniest piece of His mind.

Everything that God does He does for love, an awesome love that forgives, an unlimited love that is free to all, even those who rejected Him and put Him on the cross and those who reject Him today.

God wants all to come to Him and He pursues you with tenacity and He is saddened when you reject Him. But, no matter how many times you reject the Lord, He will continue to pursue you until your time on earth is over. The sad thing is, if you never accept Him He will let you have your way and let you go to satan. The ability to reject God comes with a high price when you choose to exercise it.

Stop running away from God, stop being afraid and start living your life as it was intended to be. Stop rejecting Jesus, He is the way to peace and true freedom.