There is only one God and there is only one way to be accepted by God. To be accepted by God you must repent of your sins and accept Jesus as His only begotten Son. This is not political, this is not bigoted, this is not narrow mindedness, this is not exclusionary, this is fact. Your acceptance of this fact and openly declaring for the Lord will bring trouble to your life. If the way to God was without trials, there would be no testing of your convictions, no strengthening of your resolve and no surety in your soul that you truly have faith in God and trust in Jesus.

There will be times when doubt will assail you and there will be times when you cry out to God for answers. Be ready for troubles as you follow Jesus for it is not an easy path. As you become yoked with Christ, He will lighten your load and He will make it possible for you to go on. Without Jesus by your side and the Holy Spirit in your heart you cannot follow the path, you cannot complete the journey and you will fail for the path to the Lord is narrow, steep and rocky and no one has the courage to follow it to the end alone.