When you surrender completely to the Lord, when you accept Jesus as your Savior and acknowledge Him as the Son of the living God your salvation is yours and yours alone. Your friends are not saved, your family is not saved, your neighbors are not saved and no one is saved by your redemption except you.

If you want your family and friends to have what you now have, if you want others to share in your blessings from God, if an everlasting life of joy and peace is what you desire for those you love then you must share what you have received. Speak openly and often of the love of the Lord for you and your love for Him. By words and deeds, let others know of the love of Jesus.

Be tireless in your devotion to God never growing weary of the journey but be ever mindful of the love the Lord has for even the basest of sinners. The most irritating person you know is loved by God, the smelliest and most unlovable homeless person is loved by God. Sometimes we need to be reminded that all mankind and each person alike were made in the image of God and need to have you share the love God has for you.