Even though dawn is not here yet, this is the promise that God has given us: that if we are faithful to Him He will be faithful to us and give us a life worth living. He will guide us out of the darkness and into His light.

While in the darkness every human being has the choice, the choice to accept Jesus as the Redeemer and Deliverer who is the Son of God Who came to earth to live a life of sacrifice, die as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and rise to glory on the third day. Acceptance of the call of the Lord Jesus makes every day yet another glorious day in which to serve an awesome God who will use your heart to reach others, your body to help others and your tongue to encourage others.

Today will such a day as we break down the operations center for the Christian Appalachian Disaster Relief team and send the volunteers back from whence they came. This is a day of farewells to those who come when disaster strikes and are seldom seen, friends who are led by the Lord to gather only when they are needed and held together by bonds forged in the effort to help the hurting see the Love of God.