Words are so inadequate, they can only reflect the thoughts that are poor reflections of the beauty of the Lord. When seeing the magnificence of God whether in the mountains or in the people, I am compelled to find a keyboard and try to praise the Lord and write of His Love for us. Such a day is today.

Oh Lord, how can I possibly do justice to You? How can my words show Your love and Your sacrifice for us? You have placed this burden on my heart and You must be the One to give me the words to type for I am but a poor sinner. Even though Jesus redeemed me with His blood I still fail and in failing I reach for the Lord. I strive to be worthy and I fail and my failure only serves to emphasize the point that I can do nothing good, that it is only by the grace of God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit that anything good comes from me.

The reality is that goodness comes through me from God and not from me. We are not the originator of our good deeds, we are the conduit through which God channels His Goodness to the world.