Start every day in the Word of the Lord. Read of His promises to you, of His everlasting love. Read of the times when He led His people out of bondage, of the times when He rewarded those who were faithful to Him then be still and hear His voice. Listen to what He tells you in His Word, pray for and wait for the signs to appear. They will as surely as there is a God in heaven.

There will be times when your life is all rosy and good and you will praise the Lord and thank Him for all that you have and all that you are. These are the times of great joy and you should rejoice and be happy.

Then there will be times in your life that difficult, filled with pain or anger or grief and sorrow. These are the times when it is difficult to praise the Lord and thank Him and yet these are the times when your praise and worship and, yes, even thanks are especially sweet to God.

It is your testimony during the tough times and about the tough times that is the most effective.