In every age and in every country wealth and power inevitably attract each other and form an unholy union meant to keep the less fortunate from improving themselves and gaining wealth. That is why nations fall, wars are fought and also why we know that satan still reigns on earth for a time. What is mankind to do?

We are to obey the reigning authorities for they are in power only by the grace of God. We are to pray for those in power and the wealthy because they need the mercy and wisdom of the Lord. We are to feed the hungry, care for the sick and the elderly, visit the prisons, and help the widows and orphans. We are to worship and praise God and we are to seek the lost sheep of Jesus by bringing the gospel to all who have not heard it. We are to show the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world and if we show one soul the path to Jesus and salvation the very heavens will rejoice for that which was lost is now found.

The rich and the powerful are helpless before God. Their money and power will not give them grace, will not cover their sins. Only the blood of Jesus can do that. Their salvation comes the same way as ours does.