Sometimes our best plans go for naught. Circumstances, illness, disaster or injury intrude on what was planned to be a time of great joy. Life can interfere with our dreams and goals even when they have been dreamt or set for the glory of God. A simple thing like an upset stomach can derail several days of one’s life. Beginning yesterday morning and continuing today my life has been derailed.

When the service that you perform is a fair drive away and there are no facilities on the way and none on the jobsite, life becomes interesting and it becomes more prudent to forego that day of service. I hate taking days off and seldom do when hurt or ill but if God wants you home He finds a way.

Sometimes God uses the mundane to get our attention and He now has mine. Illness and injuries are things that I have had very little personal experience with, maybe the Lord is using my stomach and a bad knee to give me a better understanding of the problems of others.

I can’t wait to see the lessons to be learned here.