Rising to meet the Lord early every day is not always the pleasure that one would assume it would be. There are mornings when we do not feel well, there are mornings when we stayed up too late the night before and there are mornings when we just want to snuggle. All of these are valid reasons for not getting up early but none of these are valid reasons for not seeking the Lord when you do get up.

Beginning every day thinking of God, reading His Word and speaking with Him (prayer) is the single most important thing you can do. There will be days when you really do not want to see God first thing when you rise. Resist the temptation to ignore Him early in the day. Even when you feel that Jesus is far away, He isn’t.

Lord Jesus I thank You for being with me even when I can’t feel Your Presence. Even when I cry out in my unbelief and lash out at You through my pain You are there. You are there waiting patiently for me to turn to You for healing, for comfort and for the love that You have for me.