Some mornings waking up is a pleasant experience, the night’s sleep was soothing and refreshing and the prospects for the day are invigorating. This morning, not so much. The bones are creaking, the muscles arguing and the joints are screaming of abuse and yet the prospects for the day are still invigorating.

How can this be? This can be because I know that I will see God in action somewhere today. If I pay attention, God will show up and Jesus will be revealed in a word of kindness or a gesture or an act of love. No day goes by that doesn’t have God in it. No time goes by that Jesus is not aware of you and what you need.

So why do we believe that we can carry on with our lives without Jesus? Why do we sometimes feel that God is not present? I don’t know. All I know is that God is with us even when we are hurting or cranky or just not paying attention. If we remember that God sees all and know all and loves us, loves us to the point of paying the ultimate sacrifice for us, then each day can and will be filled with Him. Oh happy day.