We have a 3 bulb light fixture in our dining room. This morning one of the bulbs went out while I was sitting at the table. The difference in the intensity of the light was immediately noticeable and even though there was enough light to continue, I changed the bulb. Now the light intensity is back to what we think it should be and seeing in the dining room is back to normal.

If the dining room lights were on a dimmer and someone gradually reduced the intensity over time I would not have noticed and reacted as quickly to the encroaching dark shadows. We do not always notice when the light of Jesus begins to grow dimmer in our hearts. Those who are around us every day may not see the change because it is so gradual, but let a friend come by who has not seem us for a while and he will notice the change right away.

We not only need accountability partners who see us daily, we also need accountability partners who see us only occasionally. They will be the ones to notice the dimming of the light of Christ in our lives. Keep track of your Christian friends whom you seldom see, watch their faith, encourage them and tell them if you see the Light dim.