Every day is an adventure. Even the most ordinary of days has the Lord in it and where God is Jesus His Son is and where Jesus is the one sent to guide us, the Holy Spirit, is. What an unbelievable trio of companions this is. How can life possibly be boring?

Just thinking of the possibilities each day is enough to motivate one to get up and start the day. Even in sick times and in time of suffering, even in slow times and times of solitude they are there waiting to bring joy and peace. Your job is to recognize Their presence, know that They are with you always and introduce them to others as the opportunity arises. They are the treasure of your life. If you hide your treasure of what value is it?

If you hide your riches only you know about them and not even you will benefit. Riches only have value when they are spent so spent wisely. Invest in the things of God, put your treasure in helping the needy, the sick, the unloved for they need it much more than you do. And you will find that rather than diminish, your treasure will grow for it will be stored in heaven where it will not disappear.