The eastern Kentucky mountain main roads have been blasted into the side of mountains, cut through mountain tops, the fill used to fill in parts of the valleys. This makes entry into the area easier and brings the outside world with its benefits closer. The original intention appears to have been that industry would come to use the local labor force, create jobs and improve the standard of living, none of which happened.

A forgotten piece of America was opened up to receive all of the worst of society. Instead of staying a poor but proud area generally happy, the people were pushed to want the things the rest of America valued, i.e. money, new everything, beauty above truth and power over others.

What the outside world considered a blessing was, at best, a convenience and at worst a conduit to bring evil things and people into the area. Maybe the better plan would have been to create local industries that would have needed to build the roads from the inside to the outside. Maye if the flow had started in reverse the outcome would have been different.

The same can be said for faith. Your faith must start within your heart and move out to others or it is a false faith. No one except God, Who is the Author of all faith, can convince another to be faithful.