The main roads will take you from place to place efficiently in eastern Kentucky but if you want to see and know the essence, the beauty and the resiliency of Kentucky try getting off of the main road for a real treat. The roads that go into the hollars of Kentucky are an adventure in creative driving. Going from 2 lane to one lane to a car width even to driving up creek beds to see folks is pretty common.

When you go into the mountains rather than through them you will see God’s beauty in all of its awesome splendor and in all of its tiny details. Here is where He created narrow valleys (called hollars) where the road, a creek and a small homestead fight for space running in single file to the head of the holler where there might be a way to the next holler or an abandoned coal mine or simply nothing.

Here in the hollars is the perfect example of taking the narrow, difficult road to get to something special and precious… people with faith in tough times, people with generous and giving hearts, people who will renew your faith.

Though the wide road is easy it never brings you to Jesus. Try the difficult narrow road and find Jesus. He waits.