Sin comes in many flavors, sizes and denominations. There are little sins and big sins, little white lies and whoppers. You can sin just a little as long as no one is hurt. It’s OK as long as no one knows the truth. If you can get away with it go for it. Why not, everyone else does it.

The common thread that runs through the previous phrases is the lack of a moral compass. This type of thinking leads to legislated morality which leads to legalized murder which leads to legalized trafficking in baby body parts. It may take years for the truth to become evident that there are serious consequences to acting against the will of God both as an individual and as a nation. As a nation we are beginning to reap what was sown by the Roe V Wade decision.

As individuals we have a responsibility to speak out against the immorality of abortion, against the atrocities being perpetrated on our young women in the misguided name of women’s rights. We were knit by God in our mother’s womb and it is wrong for man to murder what God has made. Yes, as a Christian I am saved and have eternal life but I will be judged by how I lead my Christian life and how passionate I am for Jesus.