Every morning I get up I open the door and let our cat out. This morning I was reading my devotion when I heard a commotion in the living room. Obviously the cat had caught some little critter and tried to bring him home. As I was going to see what the noise was he ran out of the door in hot pursuit and I never did see what he had.

This was obviously not a chance encounter but a planned capture and hold tactic by the cat that failed. He has begun this new activity, bringing live things home to us for our approval (yesterday a chipmunk that I rescued) believing that we need these things from him. He is trying to earn our love because we keep leaving and coming back not realizing that our love for him is based his performance, we love him for who he is not what he does.

If only we could realize that we loved by God in a similar way, unconditionally. The Lord does not need our good deeds, our money or our praise in order to love us. He just does. If we do our good deeds, give or money or sing our praises to earn His love we will fail. But, if we do our good deeds, give our money and praise Him out of love for Him and our fellow man then we have understood His message and why Jesus died on the cross.