Let us pray…

Dear Heavenly Father, Today is the anniversary of a very painful time in the history of this country, a time of significant loss and a time of extreme anger and searching for retribution, a time when this country was tested by satan and a time when extreme hatred was born in the hearts of many. This hatred has festered and grown and taken on a life of its own Father.

We have allowed this malignancy of hate to spread from a focused enemy to each other Lord and we cannot seem to be able to rid ourselves of the desire to be angry and filled with hate, even to the point of hating our fellow Americans. Lord, this nation needs healing, needs to learn to know You again. Lord, I need to be healed from this judgmental attitude, this tendency to anger, this seed that was planted on September 11, 2001.

Heavenly Father, draw this evil from us and fill the void with the Holy Spirit once again so that this nation can be a shining beacon that truly shows what You, Jesus can do in the hearts and minds of willing believers. But Father if it is Your Will that we continue down this path as an example for the world to see of righteousness gone wrong, so be it. Thy Will be done. Amen